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FurFright Gaming Announcement [03 Aug 2010|07:16am]

FurFright 2010 Gaming Room Announcement has been posted to the convention LJ
Click on over and take a look!
FurFirght Gaming Director

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Goldfrapp Into Furrehs? [25 May 2010|10:48am]

[ mood | curious ]

The video for Goldfrapp - Number 1 is on DDR Supernova 2. So, I researched her & this is what I found.


2:04 & 2:06 into the vid.

I swear this woman's a furry enthusiast.

Noy convinced by the first three vids?

Check out this one:

Is where the leafy costume comes form.. and it's a really neat video, too!

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[27 Sep 2009|11:50pm]

Apparently I managed to tip the World Record on another course

Love RevenG double WR

You can see the records list here on the 'Aaron in Japan' forums.

Furs representin'. :3 I just hope no one decides to whore out the course and beat me again XD

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Sure, why not [22 Sep 2009|06:51pm]

[ mood | Yay! ]

I tipped the World Record on this course. Now it's mine :D

World Tour double WR (9/18/09)

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Anyone going to Rainfurrest? [08 Sep 2009|11:32pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey all,

I was wondering how many furs here will be at RF09 next week - I'd love to organize an outing to the ACME Bowl arcade sometime during the con weekend if there's enough interest.

Pretty much, ACME is the Taj Mahal of dance games (and bemani in general) in the entire state.

They have currently:  An R21 (edit-enabled) ITG 3 machine that was just upgraded less than a month ago (one of the first ones in the country), DDR SuperNova and a Max 2 machine (hard to find nowadays)

On top of that, they also have Guitar Freaks 11th Mix, Drummania 10th Mix, and some version of Pop'N as well.  Best part is that the arcade owner takes excellent care of the games and the pads are in pristine condition (save a couple sensors on the Max2 but they're not that bad)

ACME is less than 10 minutes drive from the Seattle Airport Marriott where Rainfurrest is held and I'd be willing to drive down there for some diddering.  I'd actually prefer Thursday night if ppl will be in town but if not we can arrange a different time.

Anyone interested?

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Videogame Room: Equipment needed (Including DDR!) [19 Jun 2009|03:02pm]



We operate on a donation based system only! We need equipment donations for the room. I live out in Seattle now, not the east coast, so it's not exactly easy to haul everything out and into a suitcase and/or ship it over.

So we need your help!

Any system at all is fine. Retrogaming? All for it! Bring it whatever you like and think others would enjoy. Multiplayer gaming is the only sort we want though. We also will need equipment for DDR, Rock Band and Smash Brothers. We have tournaments for them, so we definitely will need extra equipment for them.

Important Disclaimer: Anthrocon has no liability for your equipment, you give it to us of your own free will. We will do are darndest not to let it get stolen, or damaged. We'll have someone posted at all times to keep an eye on the room, but if anything is damaged, we can't pay for it. We also have an inventory system to keep it from walking out with the wrong person.

So please, don't bring in your collectors items that are irreplaceable!

Also, more bodies are always desired!

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Fursuit DDR videos [17 Jun 2009|06:41pm]

Hey folks! For those who don't follow me on LJ or on Twitter, I've been posting fursuit DDR videos to youtube lately. Uploading 4 new ones as I type this. Check them out in my channel:


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Anthrocon - Videogame room [30 May 2009|12:59pm]

So basically, I've lost every single person that would have been staff/assisted directly at the con (Through no fault of their own mind, just it's a bad time for lots of folks). Anyone going to be there that's interested in lending a hand?

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IT'S THE NEW STYLE [20 Mar 2009|12:31pm]

Hardcore Dance Revolution
Kelly's Mission Rock, San Francisco
A DDR themed rave, with a DDR tournament, on my birthday.
I don't believe it.

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SF Bay DDR furs? [28 Jan 2009|12:07am]
[ mood | lonely ]

I'm over in California (from Scotland) for FC and now that the con's over, have another week before going home (Sat 31). Due to lack of foresight and shyness I don't actually know any local furs and even worse have little to do during the day while my mate's working :/. Might there be any bay area furs interested in joining me dumping a few pocketfuls of quarters into DDR somewhere? =) I'm no pro but can probably manage 8 footers (ITG), trying to get better!

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[24 Nov 2008|11:56pm]

so i was watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, good show. and they're in ireland, watching street bowling. and then the most amusing song pops on: Fleadh (uncut). it took like two whole seconds to recognize it. i lol'd.

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DDR 10 year anniversary, MFF and You! [11 Nov 2008|09:23am]

Hey guys! Just making a suggestion to those of you who are going to MFF this year. The 21st is the official 10 year anniversary of DDR, which falls on the Friday of the con. I'd like to ask that those of you attending the con wear a DDR-related shirt to MFF on that Friday.

And don't forget to play 20,November on the Thursday before!

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fursuit DDR [14 Oct 2008|06:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

So as a fun start to Rainfurrest 2008 weekend I went down to ACME Bowl in Tukwila, WA and played In the Groove in my Kijani Lion suit with taren_ of the Furducers who made my suit and my friend rockythefox . ACME is pretty much the Taj Mahal of dance games in the greater Seattle area, they have DDR SN, an R21 ITG machine where you can play edits and a Pump Pro which was recently replaced by a Max2 and numerous other Bemani like guitar freaks, drummania and pop'n.

DDRing in suit is hard! It got unbelieveably hot in there - I wasn't wearing my under armour skullcap like usual so the sweat was dripping down into my eyes and there was a blind spot in my fursuit vision that covered up the left arrow. But it was really fun!

Songs: Can You Feel the Love Tonight (DJDH edit) (I made a crazy edit for this on Stepmania but didn't want to try it in suit)
Little Kitty Mine

I played Delirium Hard which is much harder and was one step away from full-comboing, I usually get 97-98% on that normally.

Dancing Lion on Youtube

Thanks to Rocky for taking the video!

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SN2 [05 Oct 2008|05:32pm]

Alright, a long enough wait period has gone by, and there should be a decent amount of SN2 machines in arcades across the nation. For those of you that have played on them so far, what do you think? I'm talking music, timing, step-charts, everything.

My own opinion? It's no Extreme. That pretty much says it all for me. A lot of good songs got removed, and a lot of shitty j-pop got added. I'll admit that there's a couple of songs that I enjoy of the new selection. Freeway Shuffle, Trip Machine Phoenix, and a few more...But for the most part, it's a downgrade. Chart timing is...Well, it's not bad. I'll admit I haven't exactly played through -every- song yet(I have a habit of ignoring 7's and 8's unless they sound cool >.>), but other than Unreal, I haven't found anything that's been ridiculously off(ala liberte in EX).

Overall, I consider SN2 average. Enjoyable, but average. I wants my 5th mix back =(

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And now something from Lenoh :D [11 Jun 2008|11:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]


I did it for the lulz

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Freestyling [23 Mar 2008|10:40am]

[ mood | busy ]

So, Im not nessicarily a tech player, YET, but i want to get into freestyling, ive already got the most crude of basicsdown, but I cant find a good song, with enough beat to do any really flash freestyle.

Does anyone know of a song they like, thats on SN2, that has  an upbeat tempo and easier(for more freedom of movment)?

If so, could you provide a link to a stepmania file for it?

Also, for conversation wise, if you wanna share what you have done, or little tips, conversation would be awsome!

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DDR Supernova 2 Hits Arcades [31 Jan 2008|11:43pm]

[ mood | hyper ]


In case you ahvent noticed, SuperNova 2 is now out for arcades. >.>

about 30 new songs, including a massive lot from both DDR Extreme and Supernova.

A few new modes, and a tougher scoring timer.

Have fun!

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I'm getting too old for this shit. [06 Nov 2007|12:09am]

[ mood | sore from 7.5 years of DDR ]


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:3 [30 Oct 2007|05:36pm]


I don't play DDR anymore really.. but I'm still a huge DM and Pop'n fan. Here's a couple vids taken recently of me..




Any other DM/Pop'n fans here? =)


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Scenes From A Furry Restaurant [30 Oct 2007|06:40pm]


Sup ddrfurs :P

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